The Amazon Rainforest

Amazonia, the Largest and Most Biodiverse Tropical Rainforest in the World

For Nature lovers, adventurers and explorers. The 1,465 m high Monte Caburaí mountain is located in the state of Roraima at Brazil's northernmost frontier, bordering with Guyana and Venezuela.

The expedition to Mount Roraima, including La-Ventana-Wall and 3 nights on the summit, covers one of the most impressive landscapes of South America: the Gran Sabana, in Southern Venezuela.

Amazonia – discover the secrets of the craddle of species, the exotic flora and fauna of the rainforest, swim with river dolphins and visit indigenous tribes.

On a trip of a life time that is both adventurous and challenging; the Yanomami people take you to the Pico da Neblina in the deep and untamed Amazon.

The adventure of a lifetime: you stay with the Tukano people in the deep Amazonian wilderness, sleep under the stars and hike the untamed rainforest.

The indigenous people of the Satéré-Mawê tribe will provide first hand experience about the forest, the rivers, and their way of dealing with this unique and precious environment.

The Southern Cross Tours & Expeditions team has set itself the mission to offer the tourist as authentic an experience of Brazil as possible. As opposed to larger companies, we wish to stay small in order to respect our origins as well as retain the close contact and relationships we have with local guides, not-for-profit organizations as well as the travellers who book Brazil trips with us. For thirty years, our mission has been to offer you the trip of a lifetime, with respect to the surrounding environment, more so when exploring the Amazon.

We limit our group numbers to no more than six travellers in order to ensure as unique and authentic an experience as we can. For each exploration of the Amazon rainforest, you will have the opportunity to meet and spend at least one night in a local Indian (indios) tribe, some who remain traditional to this day, while others have evolved to cater more commonly to tourists taking a tour of the Amazon.

Travelling with guides from one of the surrounding indigenous villages, you will find yourself on a true expedition in the Amazon rainforest, trekking through trails cut down just for you, discovering the local flora and fauna as well as hiking some of the most renowned rivers, peaks and mountains of the region with the Rio Negro tourthe Pico de Neblina expedition and Monte Roraima trek.

For a longer trip in an indigenous village, we offer you an encounter with the Sateré-Mawé tribe in one of their more isolated and thus more traditional villages, where the ritual of the bullet ants can be witnessed as a proof of the boys’ and the men’s virility. Shorter tours include swimming with pink dolphins in Novo Airão and a tour of the Jaú National Park.

Authenticity means preservation for Southern Cross Tours & Expedition. Indeed, to travel in Brazil through the largest rainforest of the world, respect must be shown to its human and its animal inhabitants. Consequently, all of our Amazon tours and expeditions are in collaboration or include a visit with a local organization that works towards the preservation of the surrounding nature, bettering and furthering the locals’ access to education, or fundraise to help perpetuate old indigenous traditions that are on the verge of being lost because of careless tourism. Our team and guides fight that norm while still giving you the chance to meet with locals and discover the unique environment that is the Amazonian rainforest.