Amazon Rainforest

A sea of canopies that stretches as far as the horizon, crossed by meandering rivers, channels, tributaries, rapids, silent igarapés and igapós. A world of water and breathing forest, producing clouds and its own climate, a world that whispers, chirps, swishes, whistles, and caws with thousand voices, while it hosts uncountable species most of them unknown to science until today. We bring you there, right into it, where the normal backpacker and Sunday tourist would not dare to go, to farther away and pristine regions. There, you will experience the Green Paradise which for others is the Green Hell. Our Indian guides will let you know their way of dealing with the forest and river: whether aboard our log-boat canoes or on heels, passing the nights under canopies of giant trees, chatting around the campfire, marveling on enchanted waterfalls amidst the deep forest and on top of the mountains, that offer the splendid view over an universe so unique and immense that it withstood during centuries all human efforts to put it down.

Our excursions, tours and expeditions to the nearer and deeper Amazonian environment start in Manaus. Manaus is located on the left banks of the black water Rio Negro river and about 18 km from meeting with the waters of the claylike white water Rio Solimões, at which point both rivers join into the great Amazon river. The “Jungle Metropolis” is the gateway to the inner Amazon region and has been of significant importance for the conquest of the whole region, a fact for which, the jungle theater and the harbor among others, deliver rich testimony. Founded by the Portuguese military during the 17th century, the significant economic development of Manaus took place at the end of the 19th century, with the worldwide demand for rubber or caoutchouc, at an all time high. At that time Brazil had the monopoly for the commodity which was extracted from the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree.

Amazonia – discover the secrets of the craddle of species, the exotic flora and fauna of the rainforest, swim with river dolphins and visit indigenous tribes.

For Nature lovers, adventurers and explorers. The 1,465 m high Monte Caburaí mountain is located in the state of Roraima at Brazil's northernmost frontier, bordering with Guyana and Venezuela.

Brazil is a paradise for the amateur and the professional botanist alike. Discover our endemic flora together with qualified botanist in National Parks and Private Nature Reservation.

For our Brazil Highlights Tour we have chosen four of our favourite parts of the country with the highlights: The tropical metropolis Rio de Janeiro, colonial Paraty, the Amazon rainforest, and beach Paradise and scuba-diving hotspot Arraial do Cabo.

The expedition to Mount Roraima, including La-Ventana-Wall and 3 nights on the summit, covers one of the most impressive landscapes of South America: the Gran Sabana, in Southern Venezuela.

The adventure of a lifetime: you stay with the Tukano people in the deep Amazonian wilderness, sleep under the stars and hike the untamed rainforest.

The indigenous people of the Satéré-Mawê tribe will provide first hand experience about the forest, the rivers, and their way of dealing with this unique and precious environment.

On a trip of a life time that is both adventurous and challenging; the Yanomami people take you to the Pico da Neblina in the deep and untamed Amazon.

Imagine traveling on ten tumbling Amazon Rivers so remote that you never meet other travelers. Instead, you chance upon enchanted waterfalls. Lagoons, hidden deep in the emerald rainforests. Feel the eyes of the forest animals watching you.