Jaguar, Giant Anteater, Tapir, Giant River Otter, and Southern Right Whale

The Big 5 Photo Safari of Southern Cross Tours & Expeditions

The Big 5: Jaguar, Giant Anteater, Tapir, Giant Otter, and Southern Right Whale

The Big 5: Jaguar, Giant Anteater, Tapir, Giant Otter, and Southern Right Whale


The best and most complete natural program in Brazil

The Pantanal with Vazante Castelo (Nhecolandia) We can not compete with Africas Big 5, elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhino but can put you to trail the five largest mammals of South America.

Our photo safari takes you to 3 different regions in Brazil, you will make a fascinating experience to watch our endangered Big 5 in the wild: jaguars, giant otters, tapirs, anteaters and southern right whales on one trip. Also, the capybara would be by size and weight an appropriate candidate for our list of Big 5 These rodents however, are quite common on our tours, so that they are not special anymore. The same applies to the Cayman.

Our safari begins in the northern Pantanal in the Federal State of Mato Grosso, with the airport of Cuiabá Varzea Grande being the gate-way. A jeep ride on the adventurous dirt road Transpantaneira  brins us to Porto Jofre between the rivers Cuiabá, São Francisco and Piqueri. We then fly to Campo Grande, a different  Pantanal environment, which is the region of Miranda, and end up in southern Brazil, Santa Catarina, to one of the most beautiful beaches, the Praia do Rosa.


Prices and Travel Details

The Big 5 Photo Safari
Travel Time
14 days / 13 nights
Group Size
maximum 4 participants
Travel Dates
detailed itinerary on request
on request

Please note that qualified wildlife guides and accomodations are limited. We therefore highly recommend to make sure that bookings are being placed at least 6 or even 8 month prior travel date.

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