The aboriginal people of the Brazilian Amazon

The aboriginal people of the Brazilian Amazon

Juli 7th - Juli 23st  2018

Exploring the flooded igarapé rainforest by canoe Imagine traveling on ten tumbling Amazon Rivers so remote that you never meet other travelers. Instead, you chance upon enchanted waterfalls. Lagoons, hidden deep in the emerald rainforests. Feel the eyes of the forest animals watching you.

On this tour you have unique opportunities to interact with the river peoples and remote tribes largely untroubled by tourists. On route you meet Waimiri-Atroari, Sataré-Mawe, Tukano, Dessano but also Baniwa, Baré and the Yanomami. Among them, the Yanomami will include you on their jungle hunting trips. Watch how they have hunted and fished along the Cauaburis River for centuries. Very few get to witness this sight.

Cattleya yenmanii As you traverse the rainforest and paddle the rivers, the unrivaled biodiversity of flora and fauna will reveal itself to you in all its glory, unlike anywhere else on earth. Here, in “the lungs of the world,” Great Nature is in its most primitive but yet in its most developed state. The great riot of color, sound and creatures is mesmerizing.

Whether you will be botanizing in the deep forest identifying epiphytes, orchids, bromeliads or medical plants on which most of our modern medicine is based, or, armed with your camera, on wildlife safari for birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians or insects you have never heard of, you will be overwhelmed by the natural treasures jungle and rivers are offering you.

One of our river boat's cabin This is my beloved Amazon. While you are here, you’ll be in the experienced hands of my best guides and pilots who have extensive knowledge of the lore and legends of the Brazilian rainforest and its inhabitants. They will ensure that you will draw from Nature’s bounty every drop she can offer of the strange, the unknown, the magic of this magnificent rainforest.

Three-toed sloth Because of the extraordinary nature of this tour, it is not offered regularly. Nor does it compete with the common offerings of most other operators. It is limited only to eight travelers who genuinely wish to explore, experience and embrace this environment on their own terms. We will do this only twice in 2017.

If you are that adventurer, we invite you to join us on a life-transforming journey into the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, where few have gone before. I personally guarantee your delight in the experience. You will never be the same.

Why come with me?

Peter Rohmer and his Rio Negro research team Nearly five decades ago, I began my adventure at the tender age of eighteen with nothing more than curiosity and guts in my pocket when I left my native land of Germany. That, combined with my natural hard-headedness, a flair for languages guided me across multiple continents, many countries and finally here to Brazil.

In my earliest trail-blazing days, not only did I have to learn to survive the deep jungle, I had to survive the rough vaquero environment, having had gun held against my head in the big cities on several occasions. While those days are long gone, you can be assured that I know my way out of a tough spot. My guides are the best, and you can trust us to take you to the deepest wilderness and get you back safely.

Many years ago, with my great passion for this untamed land, I carved out the first tours for riders and adventurers in Brazil. I wish to share it with you: the deep jungles, the warm friendship of its peoples and the unique creatures that can only be found here.


Come discover the true Brazilian Amazon with us and ask for further details via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or our contact form.

I am looking forward to meeting you on the trip of your Lifetime!

Peter Rohmer

Prices and Travel Details

The Trip of a Lifetime

June 30th - Juli 17th 2019

Come discover the true Brazilian Amazon with us and ask for further details via e-mail or our contact form.

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