You may not know but it is not just Canada, Baja California or Peninsula Valdez which qualifies for superb whale watching.

Watching southern right whales The Club “Les Plus Belles Baies du Monde” ( included Praia do Rosa Beach, in Southern Brazil in its list of 28 chosen beaches, because of its natural beauty, conservation awareness and the APA, environment protected area, of the southern right whales (franca) Eubalaena australis. During July-October the well over 40 tons heavy whales come here from the southern polar regions, hence their name, to give birth and to rise their off-spring in the protected waters of the Santa Catarina coastline.When the last southern right whale was killed in 1973 at Imbituba whale station the species was nearly extinct. Brazil, being signatary of the Whale Protection Act, has managed to increase again the population of both southern right whales and hunchback whales.

Praia do Rosa beach This package consist of an unusual combination of 5 days of whale watching and other activities. The Praia do Rosa and other nearby beaches are among the finest in Brazil and offer also pleasant beach riding, surfing and kite surfing. A side trip to the historic village of Laguna is included. Among other historic events in the earlier times of the colonization, the Italian freedom fighter Guiseppe Garibaldi, married to Anita Garibaldi, lived and fought here.The house where they lived together is open for visitation. Laguna also features one of the rarest spectacles on earth: the mullet fishing with the “assistance” of dolphins.


The itinerary includes:

You will stay comfortably in our resort that features tastefully decorated beach front bungalows, swimming pool and all modern amenities embedded in a charming atmosphere. There are good restaurants and bars in the Rosa, specially during the season, but also the food of your Hotel is very recommendable. The terrace offers a splendid view over the ocean. 


Praia do Rosa Beach Resort Praia do Rosa Southern right whales
Suite at Praia do Rosa Beach Resort Eubalaena australis Room at Praia do Rosa Beach Resort


Prices and Travel Details

Travel Time 5 days / 4 nights
Group Size 1-6 participants
Best Travel Time from July to October
Prices 1 participant, single room 2,015 US$  
2-6 participants, double room 1,290 US$ per person




Other optional activities:


Please note that the itinerary depends on prevailing weather conditions and must therefore be kept flexible.