Discovering and Photographing Pantanal's Wildlife on Horseback

Pantanal Wildlife Ride

In the dry season the wildlife concentrates around the remaining ponds

In the dry season the wildlife concentrates around the remaining ponds


Pantaneiro at work The Pantanal Wildlife Ride and Safari is operated on 3 different Fazendas. The ride starts at Fazenda Pouso Alto in the deepest Pantanal Savannah, continues at Fazenda Nhecolândia and ending at Fazenda Primavera. The distance from Pouso Alto to Nhecolândia is 35 km and from Nhecolândia to the Primavera 45 km. Fazenda the Portuguese name for a Farm or a Ranch. In the Pantanal it refers to cattle ranching. The ride is conducted on properties encompassing some 60,000 hectares or roughly 150,000 acres offering approximately 28,000 cattle grazing grounds.

This ride was designed back in 1995 by Peter Rohmer for the genuine rider wanting a genuine experience, different from all other rides anywhere. Peter´s priorities have been and still are to ride at places with no tourism at all or extremely little tourism to prevent loss of authenticity and tradition, as it has unfortunately become obvious at some places in the Pantanal.

Roseate spoonbill Another equally important requirement was that to make sure that the guests are getting involved with the owners and staff of the fazendas and are being treated as members of the family instead of tourist. Our guests not only sit at the same table with the owners for meals or for chats but they also ride out with the vaqueiros, here called peões, to help them with their cattle work. An awesome experience and the dream of any rider.

The quality of our horses is unquestionable, can be proofed and checked from our guests comments on our webpage. They are obedient, patient but also fast and forward going. We have horses matching with according to the rider's abilities and experiences.


Prices and Travel Details

Pantanal Wildlife Ride
Travel Time
9 days / 8 nights
Group Size
minimum 4, maximum 8 participants
Travel Dates
April 13th to April 21th 2018  
May 4th to Mai 12th 2018  
June 1st to June 9th 2018  
July 6th *** to July 13th 2018  
August 10th to August 18th 2018  
September 7th to September 15th 2018  
September 28th to October 6th 2018  
*** Very early bookings recommended due to holiday season in Brazil
4 riders 2,750 US$
3 riders 2,950 US$
2 riders 3,250 US$


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