Projeto Arara Azul: Wildlife Conservation and Birdkeeping

Hyacinth Macaw Project in the Pantanal

Flying hyacinth macaws

Flying hyacinth macaws


The rare and CITES protected bird, is the biggest Psittacidea species existing, which up to 30,000 US$ are offered on the black market. However, thanks to the successful projects of wildlife biologist Neiva Guedes, the bird is now safe from extinction in the Pantanal.

Only small groups or individuals are accepted, from September to October, to assist and help with the projects.

Project Description: Large macaws and the Arara Azul Project


Hyacinth macaw squab The Projeto Arara Azul team Building up nest oportunities
Collecting data for the project Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus Preserving the hyacinth macaw population

Prices and Travel Details

Hyacinth Macaw Project
Travel Time
5 days / 4 nights
Group Size
maximum 6 participants
Travel Dates
please ask for actual travel dates
detailed itinerary upon request
on request

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