According to information from the Brazilian environmental agency IBAMA, Colombian fishermen pay Brazilian hunters in the western Amazonia for killing river dolphins and caimans, which shall serve as baits for the illegal catch of piracatingas (Calophysus macropterus), a species of catfish. Up to know it is unknown, how many animals die all in all thereby per year since the largest part of the catfish is smuggled to Colombia.

Brazil is nowadays home to 896,917 Indians from 230 different tribes, which is 0.47 % of Brazil’s population. They live in 688 Indian reservations, also called Terras Indigenas and are spread all over the country.

The Brazilian Amazon region, consisting of the states Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima, Tocantins and 50 % Maranhão (only 50 % of this one) is home to 433,363 Indians. Fortunately, apart from some exceptions, most tribes have been thriving constantly since the 80’s. Fact is that the tribes which have recorded higher growth rates are those who have become aware of the advantage of adapting some aspects of their traditional lifestyle to that of the white population, while maintaining other parts of their culture and traditions.

Travel Operator in Rio de Janeiro Seeks Junior Partner... further develop and eventually assume the company.

We are looking for a professional who not only dominates the needed skills of modern management in the travel business. The activities also require a nature loving, open minded and dynamic person, with sensibility, comprehension and the resolve under local conditions, plus the strong wish to accomplish and to offer the different as a means to success.

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Southern Cross Tours & Expeditions directly supports the handcrafted production of award-winning basketry by the members of the Guaraní Mbya tribe in the village of Araponga, near Paraty. The exposition YMAGUARÉ XI takes place from October 11th through November 18th, at the Casa da Cultura in Paraty and features some of the finest works of the tribe.

Brazil and Germany Build a Tower for Climate Monitoring in the Amazon

Brasília – In the Amazonian rain forest, a 325 meter high tower for the observation of climate change in the region will be set up later this year. The name of the Atto (abbreviation for Amazon Tall Tower Obervatory) baptized tower emerges from a German-Brazilian partnership. The two countries are investing 7.5 million R$, the equivalent of about 2.5 million € in the observation stations. The foundation stone was placed today in the sanctuary for the sustainable development of Uatumã, 150 km from Manaus. The construction should be completed by next November.

Brazilian government is taking advantage of two different systems to fool the public

The today officially announced decline of the Amazon deforestation by 18 % in 2013/2014 are good news and disproves the suspicion that the opposite, increased deforestation, might be the case.

The government was hiding information during the pre-election period in recent months in order to avoid negative impacts on the candidacy of Dilma Rousseff. Withheld was among other information the monthly data of the Deter system, which uses satellite images to support the surveillance operations of Brazil’s environmental protection agency Ibama.

Travel Brazil with Southern Cross Tours & Expeditions

When Southern Cross Tours & Expeditions took off 20 years ago, the idea was to offer tours and expeditions to the active and demanding traveler by penetrating regions in Brazil little known or unknown at all. We called these regions the hidden treasures of nature and culture in Brazil. The task was to discover such regions, making contacts with reliable locals, and then to develop some structures that would enable us to take travelers there and bringing them back safely.

To develop a series of new activities in a country of continental dimensions and in regions off the beaten track required experience, knowledge, perseverance and the will to invest in something new and challenging. Whether in small groups of 2 to 8 or as an individual traveler, our customers have the opportunity to reach out to the farthest und deepest spot in the Amazonian rainforest where the significance of the great German Naturalist Baron Alexander von Humboldt's “Hylaea “  becomes still evident. Detached from comfort and amenities of our modern life the focus there is exclusively on the essentials of the Tropical Rain Forest, its rivers and the natives living in it and from it.

We have also pioneered wildlife photo safaris in the Pantanal, among them our Jaguar Photo Safari. Our “Big 5” Safari, brings the 5 biggest land and sea mammals of South America before the camera of the happy photographers. On the savanna of the Nhecolândia region an extraordinary variety of wildlife can be observed and photographed on board our 4 wheel drive vehicles like on a silver plate.

One of our specials is the Ocean kayak island to island hike combined with rainforest trekking in the Atlantic Costal Rain Forest. Dream beaches, picturesque landscapes and settlements, natives of the Guarani Mbya tribes living amidst, lush rainforest, colonial sea-side architecture in Paraty are some of the highlights of that tour.
When Riding Brazil was created as a branch of Southern Cross Tours&Expeditions it was designed to cater exclusively to riders wanting to roam the savannas of the Pantanal and subtropical mountains of Southern Brazil. Those rides offer extraordinary experiences with fine horses, great landscapes and contact with locals from the countryside, their traditions and culture. Finally we don’t miss out on world-renowned highlights like Rio de Janeiros Sugar Loaf and Christ Redeemer Statue on Corcovado Mountain. We also walk on cobble stoned alleys downtown Rio de Janeiro to marvel at the contrast of ultra-modern architecture and colonial reminiscences. One of the most spectacular natural highlights in Brazil is the Iguaçu Falls. When looking from the boardwalks down into the thunderous water crushing down the rocks it just takes your breath away.

Southern Cross Tours&Expeditions offers breath taking experiences and adventures in Brazil. After you have arrived safely home you will be able to tell stories from the inside, exceeding and creating new expectations.

Peter Rohmer